10 Clever Ideas For Storing Your Shoes

The No-Floor-Space Solution

Not all closets are created equal. If you are space constrained,then this shoe rack  designed that display shoes against the wall without taking up valuable floor space is all you need. The design allows the curved tabs to gently rest on the toe of the shoe, supporting the weight of the shoe without damaging it. The stainless steel rack can hold anything from flats to heels and even some boots. You can add several racks to accommodate your shoe collections size.


Lazy me for Shoes

This is my all time favourite shoe rack because it means no shoe will ever be in the back.With just one turn every shoe gets the opportunity to be in front .So if you are as lazy as i am about sorting and choosing shoes from my closet,then this is definitely for us !



Luckily these come in various styles,colors and sizes theses days.They are also detachable  so you can store them away if you  ever get a better alternative .They come in steps of four (4) to as much as twenty (20) so you can create as much shoe racks as you’ld love if you do not fancy the high rise style like me,

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At Your Fingertips

Keeping shoes out where you can see them is very essential. I love being able to see all my clothing and shoes.s0 if you have a spare bedroom, you may convert them into your dream closet. store everything as visually as possible.


Shoe store in Your Closet

styling your shoe closet to resemble a high-end boutique can leave you feeling like  you are shopping every time you step into your closet. White lacquered shelving and mirrored backs highlight shoes like your favorite shoe  boutique. PRICELESS !!


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