5 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Shopping for Wedding Shoes.

  1. Last minute shopping. This is an absolute No, No.We are however constantly faced with this situation. Mostly at this time you are already under pressure and have little or no time left to get into your favorite stores, so the only option your are left with are the online stores where there are no options for fittings, and no guaranteed delivery. But if you start looking quite in advance, then give yourself some time to make your final decision, you should be fine.



  1. Taking too many people shopping. The more people you have in the decision making, the more likely you are to encounter someone who not only dislikes your choice, but isn’t very good at hiding it. They’ll be like, “Oh … that’s … nice.” They won’t mean to hurt your feelings, but you’ll definitely be left with that” unsure” feeling anyway. Eventually you’ll say you don’t care what they think, but the seed of doubt they’ve planted will be difficult to forget altogether. Best not to even risk it.



  1. Choosing shoes that don’t suit you because “I just can’t resist”.Looking for the best (and most ignored) source of wedding shoe inspiration? Then, look in your own closet and not instagram. Pull out your favorite pieces. What do you like about them? Those are the things you should look for in a wedding shoe. If you’ve never worn a stilettoe heels in your life, why wear one on your wedding? Yes, it’s a special day and a special shoe, but you’re still you. If 6inches isn’t your thing, then don’t get them. Don’t even try them on. The best wedding shoe for you is one that expresses your personal style, not a mash-up of wedding clichés.




  1. Letting the salesperson pressure you into getting a Shoe you’re not sure about. You will do yourself a lot of good if you well know what you want and what certainly will not work. This way you will go through your shopping well focused on your goal and will not be swindle by zealous sales people.so be certain about what you are going in search of.





  1. 5. Going way over your budget.No matter how awkward it might feel ,always remember that there is life after wedding and you still have many more years ahead to buy plenty of expensive and fancy stuff, so work within your budget while getting the best for yourself.Dont forget its all about you and you and you.


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