6 Ways to Make Your Shoes Last Forever

Did you know you don’t have to throw out your shoes (or your kid’s shoes!) When they start getting worn, old or boring… just make them new again with these easy tips.

  1. Polish /Shine them.

    This is quite easy as you have a lot of wonderful handy products (even right in your kitchen!!) To do the job, my favorite will be Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You see that miracle it does in brightening your white walls,it actually can replicate same on your shoes.it removes stains on light-colored shoes. But you MUST  use the eraser as soon as you see the stain. The longer you let it sit in, the harder it will be to get off.

  2. shoes


Get Soled.

If I’m going to invest in a pair of shoes, I want them to last. Putting a new sole on the shoe is a great way to make sure they do — and it’s much cheaper than replacing them anyways. Cobblers are also nicer these days. Are they Louboutins? Good news: Plenty of cobblers these days offer red rubber soles too.




3.6 Ways to Make Your Shoes Last Forever: Give Them Space. They need their space too!If you care about them please don’t make a cluster. place them in their respective boxes if they have, otherwise space them out on a shoe rack ,stuffing them with the papers they come with or make do with soft papers. Do not allow them RUB on each other.



4.6 Ways to Make Your Shoes Last Forever : Just dye It.

Remember that old trick? Works very well for leather .For little scratches and fall-offs too. So your marker and nail polish becomes your greatest asset. For a more pro look you can go to the cobbler’s and give them a dye job.


5. Fix problems immediately.

Never delay in fixing issues. As soon as they arise (Stains ,breaks etc) put a call across to your cobbler. They may tell you what to do or ask you to bring them in. Acting fast is key.40512833-hands-making-shoes-shoemaker









  1. Embellish them! Add bling, bows, pearls, ribbon, or even glitter to old shoes to make them look new again 


So next time you think about throwing away those favorite shoes of yours, just give them pampering and they’ll give you love for years.

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