Ladies Shoes: Secrets You Wish You Knew. Including Useful Tips

1.Tricks To Make Your Ladies Shoes Comfortable

Are you stocked with  this repetitive mistake of Buying  uncomfortable ladies shoes?

Well, you are not alone. Studies has it that every one at one point or another has  got this experience .However this trend is more common in women.So we thought it good to compile you a list of tricks to keep it moving.

The following steps will help solve the issue :

Heat Application : Your newest cuties have just arrived ,but they are a size smaller,this is what you should do :


a) Put on your pair of thick socks

b)Get your feet in those shoes

c) Turn on your hand hair dryer

d )and distribute heat around the affected area

this will naturally expand the leather,however, you are advice to have them on for up to minutes after cooling, for best result.

2.How To Stop Your Ladies  Shoes From Burning The Back Of Your Ankle

Pain at the back of the ankle is caused by shoes being too tight or not flexible. At the same time, it can cause burning blisters soon enough. There are very few shoe-related issues that can compare to the pain caused by shoes tearing the back of your ankles. here are a few hacks that can help you through :

Lubricate it: olive oil can be used, apply on the lining of affected area and leave over night.Wipe out the following morning and you are good to go.

ladies shoes

Tape it : Paper tape or medical tape will do .They are sold in most super markets or drug stores.they are not expensive .Cut out a little portion to cover the back of your ankle and still look nice.

ladies shoes

3. How To Rain/Water Proof Your high heel shoes 

So today you have just launched your new set of lovely high heels and there comes the rains or anything water,not to worry ,do this to remain protected : apply beeswax or any of its product e.g candles,by melting,applying and blow drying  before step out in those shoes.

4.How To Brighten The Sole Of Your Sneakers

ladies shoes: sneakers


Our sneakers ! always loyal,even in the rain,under the sun,and covered in sure only way to revive them is by cleaning them thoroughly with your liquid nail remover and you will be all loving them again

5.Flat Shoes : How to make them comfortable

 flat shoes

You have just bought this really lovely flat  shoes ,but they feel too tight and really uncomfortable to move around in,this is what you should do :

Apply plain deodorant and spread it on the back of your feet and toes or

Cut to size a  fabric that matches your flat shoes , stick it unto the part of your shoe that rubs and enjoy the comfort!


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