Did  you know people can tell a lot about you just by looking at your shoes.People maybe able to tell your income,personality trait and even age.

Amazingly so, one can accurately assess your level of attachment  — whether you tend to be clingy and insecure in your close relationships, or more laid-back and relaxed — based on your choice of shoes.


High-TopsSleek and fashion-conscious

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Introverted, agreeable, conscientious, according to  study.-A research says they signal “A kid at heart who doesn’t take himself too seriously.”


Sky-High Pumps = sophistication


Says something about your sophisticated, confidence, yet demanding nature. You’re a woman who knows yourself very well, comfortable in your own skin and know what you like when you see it. Apparently, you like attention.When it comes to dressing for an occasion you have a hard time scaling back when the occasion calls for it believing it’s better to be overdressed than under dressed. If you wear designer pumps, you’re a woman who invests in yourself and values personal style and comfort.Researchers found out that a woman who spends half a month’s rent on a pair of shoes is likely to have a more demanding personality, but the good news is that she can probably afford all her luxuries on her own. That’s no real surprise, considering that the style of a shoe or its designer label can be immediately revealing.

The next time you’re trying to make a good impression, remember that the shoes you’re wearing communicate at least something about your personality so take a moment to think about what your shoes might be saying about you.


Stilettos = Vivid personality




Painful to look at.Million Looks says stilettos show a vivid personality, a desire for attention, high self-confidence in terms of appearance, and capriciousness.

Fierce,straightforward, confident, yet hesitant to make decisions.

This lady knows style… but she might be a little high-maintenance. Those baby-smooth leather and suede shoes do require much upkeep and care, after all.



“Barely there ” Sandal = happy



It speaks of your outgoing, bold, and confident nature. it is said that women in revealing, flat sandals are more likely to be confident than women in closed-toe sandals. You may not be that easy to get along with, but you enjoy new experiences.Graceful beach beauty. Low-maintenance and easygoing, possibly to the point where ‘chill’ becomes ‘absentminded.’





It speaks of your highly sociable, well-traveled, and flexible nature. According to  report, practical and functional shoes generally belong to agreeable people, .You’re open to conversation and coveys your light and fun nature. You’re probably social media savvy, with frequent updates on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.


Fashion-Forward’ Wedges



It speaks of your down to earth nature while conforming to your fashion sense. However, it may indicate insecurity,  wearing wedges may indicate you want appear taller without the discomfort of high heels. You may be a little more middle-of-the-road. Also, the wider and shorter the heels on a woman’s shoes, the more insecure she might be.So, when opting for wedges, show some confidence to suggest being extrovert. As if you can carry them in style, then it’s a great look.


Peep-toes = Flirty



Not everyone is extremely comfortable with their toes and if we haven’t had a proper manicure, forget about showing them off – But for you it speaks of your unshying personality. confident,neat and very outgoing nature.

ballet flats = Cute


Flats give off the personality of a traditional  conformist who would want people to go by the books.Not caring what anyone in the world thinks.


Casual Sneakers = Lazy, yet productive

The caption says it all. You want to be able to go around your day as easily as possible  especially if it entails any form of work.


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